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On ocassions the Management & Committee may require special feedback.
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The current issue is on the Subject of: UPDATES to our existing Constitution.

The I.G.R.C. have no choice, but to update our very much outdated Constitution and we need your assistance to get it right .  We ask all Financial Members for their opinions, questions, feedback, desired changes, etc to our existing Constitution.   Answers to your questions etc will be posted here as soon as we receive professional evaluation.

Your feedback will be taken on-board and professional advice will be sort to include into the updated version of our Constitution.  We thank all our members for assisting with this project.

This feedback will be open until Tuesday 24th December 2020. Early feedback would be appreciated.

If you prefer, another option to this form is a direct email to our Secretary at  secretary@ipswichgreyhounds.net
Q & A's
Q1. Get answers to your questions here.
A1. Information available
Q2. 05.10.20 - Changes to Constitution. Question : Could we fix up the small amount of concerns within the new draft constitution. Keep the positions of Directors CEO etc. but just not convert to a company? Could we just leave as Incorporated with new draft constitution?
A2. Awaiting response.
Q3. 05.10.20 - Some suggested changes. 1. Ensure we have at least 5 Directors on the Board. 2. Ensure Members are made away of any changes or encourage feedback on large changes. 3. Invite members votes on any purchases over and above a specific amount. Regular general meetings Members (eg every quarter-includes AGM.) Hopefully this would encourage more feedback from Members during the year and therefore no belly aching at an EGM or AGM.
A3. Awaiting Response
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