Ipswich Greyhound Racing Club
Dear Members, the Club has made the decision to postpone the upcoming EGM previously scheduled for 16 March 2021. An update as to the new date for the EGM will be announced in the near future.
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Dear Member

It has been the decision of the Management Committee of the Club to hold an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to be held at 6.30pm on 16 March 2021 at 81 Warwick Road Ipswich.

The purpose of the EGM is to vote on the Resolutions as set out in the Voting Form on page 2 of the Voting Letter.

The Ipswich Committee believe that the passing of the Resolution set out in this Ipswich Notice of EGM are in the best interests of Ipswich and Ipswich Members as a whole......

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Please print the attached Voting Letter and return the completed form to the Club, post it to the Club, email it to secretary@ipswichgreyhounds.net or bring it with you to the EGM.

Thank you.
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Latest update 12th March 2021.
More information coming soon.
Dear Members,

We are nearly all set for the Ipswich Show. This is a big step for the Ipswich Club with the Racing Greyhound Sweepstakes taking place for the first time at the Ipswich Show.

A considerable investment has been made by the Ipswich Club and Racing Queensland to make this a huge promotional event for our Racing Greyhounds possible.

All we need now is volunteers to help make this all work.  There are 2 parts to this venture.

Part 1
The Greyhound Sweepstakes, where we have 36 greyhounds from 6 months to 11 years casually competing for Trophies, Sashes and Prize money, while exposing our wonderful greyhounds and our responsible owners and trainers to the public. Come and support our greyhounds on show. We are taking center stage on the dais on Saturday 15th May at 12 noon.

Part 2
The 3 day trade site. We have a site for the 3 days of the show, distributing Show bags to the public, encouraging the public to pat the greyhounds and explain
what Greyhound Racing is all about from our point of view. This year we have the company of GAPQ who will be located beside us. This will not only display what happens with adoption, but also encourage more greyhounds to find forever homes as pets.

We need volunteers especially with the 3 day site. Volunteers should be well versed in Animal Welfare and dedicated to our Racing Industry, and endorsing GAPQ.

One of your wonderful greyhounds, who loves people, kids and well mannered would be so welcome to attend with you and would be a great asset to the site and to the Industry.

Although the Show is open from 9am - 9pm, our location does not have lighting and it is advisable that we take out greyhounds home prior to the fireworks beginning. Our site will operate from 9am to 5pm. Taking the Greyhound's welfare into account, we feel that a half day stint would be enough for the dog, so we would like to split the shifts up into half day slots.

Friday 14th May 2021
1st shift would be 9am - 1pm
2nd shift would be 1pm to 5pm

Saturday 15th May 2021
1st shift would be 9am - 1pm
2nd shift would be 1pm to 5pm

Sunday 16th May 2021
1st shift would be 9am - 1pm
2nd shift would be 1pm to 5pm

Can anyone help with any of these shifts please?
If so please call on 0412 544 882 or email us at secretary@ipswichgreyhounds.netHYPERLINK "mailto:secretary@ipswichgreyhounds.net?subject=Ipswich%20Show%20Volunteer"

Thank you so much in advance..